• Cuff All That Jewels!

    Cuff All That Jewels!

    brass cuff with white cubic zirconia
  • Anubian Jewels cuff

    Anubian Jewels cuff

    10K gold plated brass sstudded cuff, zircons,red agate oval
  • multistrand bracelet

    multistrand bracelet

    with 2 side brass horns
  • bangle set

    bangle set

    set of 4 mixed green agate
  • cuff with multicolor stones

    cuff with multicolor stones

    10k gold plated brass cuff with crystal and green zircons
  • silver bangles

    silver bangles

    set of 3 silver + mix 18K gold plated bangles, turquoise glass stone, zircons.
  • classic bracelet

    classic bracelet

    multistrand mixed silver and 18K gold plated, rose quartz beads and zircons.
  • soft bracelet

    soft bracelet

    bracelet with mixed brass and white and crystal zircons set by hand on a flur chain, red agate oval.
  • bangle set of 7

    bangle set of 7

    set of 7 mixed agate and 10k gold plated diamond cut bangles, one with drop shaped rose quartz and turquoise set by hand
  • 10K goldplated cuff

    10K goldplated cuff

    diamond cut brass with 10K goldplating cuff, rose quartz octagon, yellow and turquoise stones set by hand
  • soft bracelet

    soft bracelet

    10k gold plated bracelet
  • Bangle set

    Bangle set

    set of 3 mixed green agate and 10k gold plated
  • Vintage chain bracelet

    Vintage chain bracelet

    hand set jet zircons, green agate navettes, studs
  • 4 bangles set Iconic

    4 bangles set Iconic

    set of e silver bracelet garnet and pearl
  • Multistrand silver bracelet

    Multistrand silver bracelet

    18K gold plated bracelet, snake's head
  • Multistrand silver bracelet with tiny ring

    Multistrand silver bracelet with tiny ring

    goldplated 18k gold bracelet with ring's detail and blue zircon
  • IOSSELLIANI Handrushed silver bangle

    Handbrushed silver bangle

    with black zircons
  • 18k gold thin bracelet

    18k gold thin bracelet

    18k gold multithread bracelet, with black diamonds
  • Chain bracelet White Eclipse

    Chain bracelet White Eclipse

    handbrushed brass curb chain bracelet
  • Studded cuff White Eclipse

    Studded cuff White Eclipse

    handbrushed brass studded cuff
  • Mesh bracelet

    Mesh bracelet

    10k gold plated brass mesh bracelet
  • multistrand bracelet

    multistrand bracelet

    10k gold plated multistrand brass bracelet, central with rose quartz octagon and red stones set by hands, studs
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