Adorned by dainty agates horns, turquoises beads and quartz, the FW17 IOSSELLIANI jewellery collection is a tribute to the elegance of Burmese people and the beauty of their land.
  • chrysocolla necklace

    chrysocolla necklace

    10k gold plated necklace with central of crystal zircons, chrysocolla and turquoise cabochons set by hand
  • fringed bib necklace

    fringed bib necklace

    fringed bib necklace with 10k gold plating
  • beads and stud necklace

    beads and stud necklace

    necklace with alternate beads of magnetite
  • jade pendant necklace

    jade pendant necklace

    10k gold plated long necklace
  • cuff with multicolor stones

    cuff with multicolor stones

    10k gold plated brass cuff with crystal and green zircons
  • multistrand bracelet

    multistrand bracelet

    with 2 side brass horns
  • bangle set

    bangle set

    set of 4 mixed green agate
  •  stacked ring

    stacked ring

    handpolished brass stacked ring
  • stacked ring

    stacked ring

    stacked ring with crystal zircons, turquoise and yellow stones
  • single jade earring

    single jade earring

    single pierce earring
  • vintage style earrings

    vintage style earrings

    10k gold plated brass earrings with vintage details
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